Zurich Crickets CC among the three finalists for the 2023 ‘Zündwürfel’ Zurich Sports Club of the

Mar 10, 2023 | 2023, Cricket Switzerland News

The Zurich Cantonal Association for Sports (ZKS) and the sports promotion body SPORTDATE award
three annual prizes in recognition and appreciation of the voluntary work being done in Zurich sports
clubs. Prizes worth a total of 15,000 Swiss francs await the winners. The three finalists will also
receive a club film.
Over 100 clubs were nominated for the best sports club in Canton Zurich. Zurich Crickets Cricket Club
has been chosen as one of the three finalists. A film is being made of the club on 5th March.
The awards ceremony will take place on 14th April in the AXA Arena in Winterthur. Zurich Crickets CC
will be presented live to the audience during the big trophy night. The entire award ceremony,
accompanied by the well-known presenter Regula Späni, will be recorded and broadcast as a TV
program on Tele Top. And the official award ceremony will be followed by the “zündwürfel” party
with music and food.
With the focus on effectiveness, innovation and sustainability, the jury looks at nominated Zurich
sports clubs that have developed successively in recent years, are organizers of events with great
appeal, have introduced a new sport and/or have set up sustainable activities and projects. Clubs
that show great commitment in the promotion of young talent, in the training and further education
of officials and/or in the area of integration and prevention can also be nominated for the award.
Zurich Crickets was informed that its nomination came from various proposers, including the Asylum
Organisation in Zurich for Unaccompanied Minors. Among other points, the following reasons for the
nomination were given:
• ZCCC has grown rapidly in the last three years: The club’s 46 members in 2019 included 6
Afghan refugees, in 2022 there were 114 members with 29 Afghan refugees and today the
club has 40 Afghan refugee players.
• As a club Zurich Crickets CC helps young refugees to integrate by enabling them to play a
sport they know, provide opportunities to meet other young persons, encourage them to
learn German, and enable them to participate in tournaments across the country. Twelve of
these refugee players are now also playing in national squads.
• Zurich Crickets CC has organized every year since 2005 a Cricket Festival in Zuoz, with up to
150 young players between 8-15 years participating from all over Switzerland.
• Young players in the club over the age of 16 can train as coaches and umpires and the club is
proud to have trained 11 such young players in the last three years.
Zurich Crickets CC would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved with the work being done
in the club. It is a great achievement to be among the three finalists and we look forward to taking
part in the AXA Arena event on April 14th! Friends and supporters are very welcome and if you would
like to attend, please contact ZCCC.