Bob Barber Award

Robert (“Bob”) William Barber (born on 26 September 1935 in Withington, Manchester) is a former English cricketer who played first-class cricket for Cambridge University, Lancashire and Warwickshire from 1954 to 1969.


Bob Barber played 28 Test matches for England. He was named as one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 1967.

A hard hitting batsman he is perhaps best remembered for an innings of 185 against Australia on the 1965-66 tour.

Barber was also a big-turning legspinner who averaged one and a half wickets per Test with his 42 victims.

After retiring from the limelight of the cricket field Bob Barber settled in Switzerland and for some years he has actively supported junior cricket in this country.


The Bob Barber Award, presented by Bob Barber, is awarded annually to the Swiss junior player, who has made the most outstanding contribution to junior cricket in their age group (U11, U13, U15, U17 & U19) will receive a trophy to commemorate the occasion.


The criteria:

At the Under 17 and Under 19 levels the award will be presented to a player who takes part in the Swiss Colts team both in competitive (adult league and cup matches) and friendly matches – although with more emphasis on competitive cricket. In this way the selectors aim to reward those who are within the youth cricket structure. This is especially the case because the Bob Barber Award has always been about advancing Swiss-qualified players who can play for the national teams. For this reason strong preference will be given be given to those who are Swiss-qualified at the age group or who are likely to have a long-term future with the national side.  

Outside of this above criterion the decision will be based on the players’ statistics (see Points 1-4 concerning the individual disciplines below), but the selectors would also take into account strong performances in tight matches and clear excellence in one discipline (i.e. all-rounders will not automatically get the award if someone has been outstanding in bowling or batting). 


At the Under 15, Under 13 and Under 11 levels the award will be presented to a Swiss national player who takes part in both national tournaments (e.g. indoor competitions, the Zuoz Tournament) and international matches and tours – with the emphasis on competitive cricket.

Cricket is a game that requires players to be skilled at multiple disciplines – To take wickets, to score runs, to take catches, to effect run outs. The value to a side of a genuine all-rounder cannot be underestimated, especially at these younger levels.

Here the Player of the Year will be decided, in addition to the above criterion, by combining a player’s overall individual performances using a formula which would include the following: Batting + Bowling + Fielding + Captaincy


1. Batting: The basis of the batting criteria takes into account runs scored, (when possible the rate scored at, and the % of the team’s total).

In addition, responsibility shown during any innings must be considered.

Batting bonuses are achieved for reaching a half century/ a century.

2. Bowling: The basis for the bowling criteria takes into account the number of wickets and strike rates. Whether bowlers get out higher or lower order batsmen can also be taken into account.

Bowling bonuses can be achieved for taking 5 or more wickets in an innings, and bowling maidens.

3. Fielding: Points to take into consideration are: Catches; Run outs – direct hits ; Run outs – assists; Stumpings; Runs saved through excellence in the field.

4. Captaincy: A captain of a national side will receive a bonus.

Bob Barter Award winners over the years:

Connor Walden
Sasha Hall
Owen Thompson
Kabir Mehta
Tom Harper
James West
Luke Specogna
Chris Langford
Rohan Jain
Kai Salama
Kabir Mehta
Max Hoegenauer
Ismail Zaidi
Luke Specogna
Ed Clayton
Rohan Jain
Anthony Palmiero
Neil Wright
Louqmaan Motala
James West
Hemant Ganesh & Dayn Pariaug
Luke Specogna
Thomas Allen
Ruan Kruger & Nicholas Henderson
Aidan Andrews, Jai Sinh & Marishque Puvimamasinghe
Ashwin Vinod
Callum Hirst & Simon Henderson
Dayn Pariaug
Ruan Kruger
Jai Sinh
Jai Sinh & Aidan Andrews
Combined with U15
Simon Henderson
Arjun Vinod
Ruan Kruger & Nicholas Henderson
Aiden Andrews
Ashwin Vinod
Ashwin Vinod
Arjun Vinod & Ashwin Vinod
Arjun Vinod
Manish Lal
Ali Saleem