Aargau Cricket Club

Contact: Rajasekhar Krishnamurthy

Fixture secretary: Pabitra Jena (077 910 45 00)

Club treasurer: Tarun Kapoor (078 676 99 09)

Club website: http://cricketaargau.ch

Social media: Facebook

ACC constitution: Available here



About Aargau Cricket Club

Aargau Cricket Club was formed by cricket enthusiasts in the neighbouring areas of Wettingen and Baden with the purpose of promoting cricket in all its forms and help to set standards of quality, ensuring fair-play sport environment and also to provide access to young players interested in Cricket. Aargau Cricket Club has its seat in Wettingen. Playing for many years as an informal group in 2019 registered as a formal organisation in the Wettingen Gemeinde.


Home Ground: Kreuzzelg, Zentralstrasse 173, 5430 Wettingen