Zurich Lions Cricket Club

Contact: Amit Kumar

Club Website: www.zurichlionscricketclub.com

Fixture secretary: Amit Kumar

Social media: @ZurichLionCC (Twitter); Zurich Lions Cricket Club

ZLCC constitution: Click here

About Zurich Lions Cricket Club


Zurich Lions Cricket Club (there by known as ZLCC Switzerland) is a proud club formed in 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland; has commitment to go on to success for cricket in Switzerland. Our newly formed Cricket Club is a thriving home for cricketers of all abilities. We offer all visitors and indeed prospective new members a warm welcome. The primary objective of the ZLCC constitution is to promote the sport of Cricket.
Mission statement : We will encourage and foster the game of cricket by providing a safe, structured environment for players to enjoy their cricket; planning and providing the appropriate facilities and equipment; making every endeavor to develop the skills of players, officials and administrators; and providing enjoyment and fellowship for its members through social functions.  Since the inception we promise to be committed to playing a role in the local community, both on and off the playing field. 

Values & vision

Vision: To have the facilities, players, administration capabilities and financial support to compete at the highest levels of cricket available.
Values: To ensure that every person, including players of all experience and ability, has the opportunity to play and become involved in the game of cricket in a fully structured, organised and resourced club environment.


Goals & ambitions


•    Members: To encourage and train young players, to play the game with its full spirit and abide by the club as well as Cricket Switzerland Constitution and rules.
•    Standard of Competition: To qualify and perform at  highest level of cricket grade in Switzerland.
•    Junior Cricket Development: To provide junior players with an opportunity to succeed in line with their own desires and successfully make the transition to ZLCC Senior Team
•    Administration: To provide and develop the best possible home ground facilities for our members including practice nets  and to ensure equal opportunities to everyone.
•    Finance: To maintain a balanced operating budget that seeks to achieve the Clubs mission statement and goals.

ZLCC accommodate cricketers young and old, from a thriving junior section to “leisure” cricketers and keen club cricketers playing league cricket at varying levels in and around Zurich and cross country in Europe. We have players who have played cricket at district/canton and universities level with absolute commitment to cricket and sporting spirit. We look forward to an exciting season in 20117 with the club challenging for honors in upcoming leagues, as we continue to give players the chance to develop and improve.

ZLCC believes in providing equal opportunities to each and every member of the club and keeping the  team selection process as fair and unbiased.
We also have plan for an up and coming junior club that will feed our clubs playing stocks for years to come. Our Club will experience many evolution, achievements and characters that will create a rich heritage of cricket in Switzerland. New members, playing or social, are more than welcome to swell the numbers. Though ZLCC has been formed quite recently, we are committed to have the best facilities which are required for a cricket club to function and train the players.

The club plans to field the senior team to compete in Cricket Switzerland and if possible in cross country tournaments next season and for the same we plan to commence training and preparation from April. The club is open to anyone willing to join. There are two basic types of membership. Playing and Non Playing (Social) membership. If you wish to play cricket or take part in any training, indoor or outdoors then you should have a playing membership. This includes juniors. If you wish to simply enjoy the social side of the club then you should have a Social Membership
We consider ourselves a close-knit club and all of us at ZLCC are committed and working hard for a bright future for our club and cricket in Switzerland. We also rely on donations and sponsorship from businesses so please consider discussing options with us.

Buchholz, Uster

Home Ground: Sportanlage Buchholz, Hallenbadweg, 8610 Uster/ZH

Fronwald, Affoltern-Zürich

Home Ground: Sportanlage Fronwald, Fronwaldstrasse 115, 8046 Zurich-Affoltern/ZH