Olten Cricket Club

Executive Commitee:

Karunamoorthy Kandasamy – President & Fixture Secretary: [email protected]

Sheeraz Sufiyan – Vice President : [email protected]

Shahid Waridu – Captain : [email protected]

Website: www.oltencc.ch

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OCC constitution: Click here


We are a Cricket Club based in Olten, Switzerland. Our Club was founded in 2003. Formerly started as a hobby club, the Olten Cricket Club plays at the top every year. Our biggest success is being the first team from Switzerland to take part in the Champions League of Cricket (European Cricket League). We always play with the aim of winning and to get better each game. In our Club we have players from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and West Indies. Despite the different cultures and religions, in the end cricket unites us all. Everyone is welcome to join our club! In 2022 we’ve started a second team, the Olten Cricket Club U19, for the young talents , which will participate in the PT20 Cup.


Obergösgen, Olten

Home Ground: Sportstrasse 1, 4653 Obergösgen