Wettingen Cricket Club

Introduction text for the club

Cricket Club Wettingen (CCW) was formed as a not-for-profit organization in 2020 to address the ever-increasing interest and enthusiasm for the game of cricket in Wettingen and its adjoining communities.


Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Cricket Club Wettingen is to build a platform for cricket in which people of all ages, gender and race are provided with equal opportunities to play and enjoy the game in a positive and welcoming environment.


CCW strives to become one of the finest cricket clubs in Switzerland that supports and promotes the game of cricket, nurtures and fosters young cricketing talent, is the source of best cricketing talent in Switzerland and promotes social integration through the game of cricket.


Club Motto: Respect, Equality, Unity and Fair Play


Club Logo: Attached


Contact Details

Name of Club                                                                     : Cricket Club Wettingen

Website                                                                                : https://cricketwettingen.ch/

Postal Address                                                                   : Landstrasse 105A, 5430, Wettingen

Email Id                                                                                : [email protected]

Phone Number                                                                  : +41 79 958 50 64


Office Bearers & Functionaries of CCW

President                                                                             : Mr. Mohamed Vasim

Secretary                                                                             : Mr. Senthilnathan Mariappan

Treasurer                                                                             : Mr. Balajee Chandrasekaran

Fixtures Secretary                                                             : Mr. Balajee Chandrasekaran

Women’s Cricket Development Officer                   : Ms. Subashree Srinivasan

Email id for all office bearers & Functionaries        : [email protected]



Home Ground Address                                                   : Sportplatz Kreuzzelg, Zentralstrasse 173, 5430 Wettingen

Map Co-ordinates                                                            : 47°27’31.0″N 8°20’10.9″E

Google Maps Link                                                             : https://goo.gl/maps/9tEKALefiHf46J4k7


Parking & Public Transport

Parking                                                                                 : Free parking slots available at the ground.


Nearest Bus Stops                                                            (a) Wettingen, Zirkuswiese

(b) Wettingen, Halbartenstrasse


Nearest Railway Stations                                               (a) Wettingen

(b) Baden

(c) Würenlos