Cricket Debuts at Luzern Easter Sport Week

Apr 25, 2022 | 2022

Cricket was introduced for the first time in Easter Sports Week (Ostersportswoche) in Kanton Luzern. The Sports week was organized by the Department of ‘Kultur und Sport’ and Luzern Cricket Club. The course was booked out and the children participating were 6 to 11 years old. Mostly, the participants were of Swiss descent who were experiencing Cricket for the first time. 

The workshop was conducted for 3 days where the children learned the basic of cricket and also played friendly matches among themselves. It was overwhelming to see the perfect hand-eye co-ordination these children have at such young age. This made easier for them to adapt to the sport in the departments of Bowling, Batting and Fielding. The leadership and teamspirit shown by them was also commendable.

The Director of ‘Kultur and Sport’ Stadt Luzern, Ms Nicole Bücher, was present on the last day and was very satisfied to see the children enjoying a new sport in Luzern. She also assured to help cricket to grow in Central Switzerland in terms of having ample space for children to practice and play.

The Sports Week was lead by President of Luzern Cricket Club, Awneet Kumar along with the members of the club Ali Mukhtar and Joseph Monti Kay. It was a successful week of Cricket for the children as they loved it and enjoyed it to the fullest. For more information about cricket in Luzern, please contact Awneet Kumar.