Geneva Indoor Tournament 2022

Feb 2, 2022 | 2022

Geneva CC organise an indoor tape-ball cricket tournament  at stade du Bout du monde, Geneva on Sunday 13th February 2022. This is the second edition of the tape-ball indoor tournament. The first was held in February 2020. 

Geneva Indoor Cricket Tournament 2022

Group AGroup B
Geneva CCCern CC
Cossonay CCGSLCC
GICCYoung Boys CC
Fixtures:13th Feb 2022
TimingMatchesMatch Officials
10h00Geneva vs GICCCern CC
10h50Cern vs GSLCCGeneva
11h40Cossonay vs GICCGSLCC
12h30Young Boys vs CernGICC
13h20Geneva vs CossonayCern CC/Young Boys
14h10Young Boys vs GSLCCCossonay/Geneva
15h30Winner GA vs Runner up GBSemi-final 1
16h30Winner GB vs Runner up GASemi-final 2
17h30Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2Final

Some special rules:

Powerplay 1: 3 overs, only two fielders allowed behind the bowling end
Powerplay 2: 4-8 overs, 3 fields allowed behind the bowling end
Every team has 25 min to complete the over incase of over rate, Power play applied for rest of the overs.
Hitting the roof, consider 1 run with the cross of the batters

Cricket equipment, drinks, prize money and trophy for the finalists, will be provided by the organiser, Geneva CC.

We are wishing an excellent tournament to all the participants.

Pleas contact: Anser Mehmood ([email protected]) if you have any questions.