First indoor training session of 2022 for the national squad

Jan 11, 2022 | 2022

At the large Adliswil indoor hall the Swiss national squad met on 2nd January 2022 to continue where they had left off on December 18th. Thirteen motivated players of the 25-strong squad arrived with a desire to work even harder than in the previous sessions. Led by coaches Yeti, Chris and Patrick the available players were introduced to the day’s plan for the practice sessions.

The sessions were geared to challenge and boost the skills of the players now that they are facing the demands of international cricket. The morning session began with fielding training incorporating different catching, ground fielding and throwing drills with the aim of highlighting the importance of fielding in the modern T20 game. One player commented, “I feel in all our guys the urge to train hard to represent Switzerland together on the big stage. It is positive that that we don’t just play but also try to improve our fitness levels and work on technique.”

A second session saw the bowlers working on accuracy with input provided by the coaches to improve technique while batters worked on their defensive skills, learning to exercise patience in choosing the right ball to put away.

Just before the break, despite some tiredness, the emphasis was on physical fitness and speed between the wickets since the afternoon session moved to a 20-over game. Here strategies to encourage a competitive mindset, to cope with pressure situations, and to carry out a game plan were employed. One of the more experienced national players enthused that “I could share my experience together with these young talented players and we had a real energy in the field.”

Feedback with the coaches rounded off the day’s motivational sessions, which had offered learning material for all the players, and who are now looking forward to the next session. Players expressed appreciation for the sessions, having clearly enjoyed and profited from them: “Personally, I always look forward to the indoor workouts. I know that talent is an important part of doing well in cricket, but what is even more important is that you train hard to achieve great goals,” and “I’m already looking forward to more training sessions and I can’t wait to work on myself even more. Every weekend we can’t train I miss the training.”

Finally, players expressed how reassuring and heartening it was to be meeting as a group, setting out on a new journey together with the desire to achieve great things as the Swiss national team. On we go!

Anser M and Asad M