Women’s cricket weekend

Apr 23, 2021 | 2021

Cricket Switzerland has launched a countrywide campaign called “Women’s Cricket Weekend” which will run from May until September 2021.

As part of Women’s Cricket Development, Cricket Switzerland has invited associations involved in social, cultural and charity activities to co-organise Women Cricket Weekend events.

Alongside their regular cultural activities, the associations will organise a few soft ball cricket practise sessions and/or games for women and girls (aged above 15 years) and in return Cricket Switzerland will compensate the association for each girl or woman participant that they are free to use for any of their cultural or charity activities.

Additionally, Cricket Switzerland will reimburse the ground fee costs to a maximum of Fr. 100.

If your association is interested to join this campaign,

register by submitting the application form provided in the link below.

Women’s Cricket Weekend Event Registration

Cricket Switzerland has set a target to organise 3-4 events this year as showcase events.

More information

For further information about hosting a Women’s Cricket Event, or indeed about women’s cricket generally, please contact Mohamed Vasim.

You can also refer to the flyer, terms and conditions , rules for a softball cricket and the FAQs.