Women’s & Girls’ Cricket


Women’s cricket was placed on the agenda of Cricket Switzerland relatively recently (2014) and included the appointment of successive Women’s Development Officers.

The creation of the first women’s club, Zurich Sapphires in 2016 was a significant step forward at the playing level. Attracting female players from across eastern Switzerland, Zurich Sapphires trained on a weekly basis. Profiting from the infrastructure offered by Zurich Crickets, Zurich Sapphires were successful at the playing level.

Women’s cricket was most active during 2016 – 2018, led by Zurich Sapphires, which also
formed a national representative side to travel to Austria. and won the competition.

In 2019 interest and activity waned due to differing expectations, lack of funding, less than optimum numbers of active participants and difficulties experienced with gaining access to and paying for training and playing facilities.

In 2020 the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic further restricted opportunities and there were few or no training sessions or other meetings.
At the end of 2020 Zurich Sapphires disbanded.
From 2021 onwards, driven by many expressions of interest from women, a new Women’s Cricket Development Officer (Mr. Mohamed Vasim), and readmission of Switzerland to the International Cricket Council (ICC), women’s cricket is now experiencing a renaissance. Throughout the year many coaching sessions have been conducted in Eastern Switzerland, and a National Women’s Day tournament was held at the end of the season. Additionally there were women’s cricket activities in Berne and Cossonay
In 2022 teams from at least Basel, Wettingen, Cossonay and Bern will be in action. Plans are being developed for a more active season in 2022, which will be announced on this website and by other communications.

Further information

For more information regarding women’s cricket in Switzerland contact Mohamed Vasim or go to the Ladies section of the Cricket Switzerland website.