Switzerland Welcomes the Inaugural ICC Tutor Training Course in Europe

Oct 15, 2023 | 2023, Cricket Switzerland News

Basel, 9th-11th October 2023

A diverse group of enthusiastic participants representing multiple European countries gathered in Basel, Switzerland, for the historic launch of the first ICC Tutor Training program in Europe, that ran from 9th to 11th October, 2023.

This ICC training initiative has accredited its participants as the pioneers in Europe, equipping them to deliver the forthcoming ICC Umpiring Level One course set to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Over the course of three enlightening days, attendees engaged in a comprehensive program, delving into recognized instructional techniques and hands-on practical sessions. The curriculum is designed to elevate the standard of cricket umpire education across Europe and, by extension, the global stage. Our overarching mission is to instill motivation, bolster the ranks of new umpires, and nurture the growth and enhancement of our existing officials.

If you are passionate about cricket umpiring and want to explore opportunities for involvement, we encourage you to reach out to Cricket Switzerland and Swiss Federation of Umpires and Scorers.