Women’s Indoor Cricket Tournament

Nov 22, 2021 | 2021

Margeläcker, Wettingen – Sunday 12th December 2021

The Women’s Indoor Cricket Competition planned for Sunday 12th December at Margeläcker, Wettingen, has been postponed to 2022.

A combination of new restrictions introduced by the Federal Council designed to curb the spread of the latest corona virus wave, and an outbreak of normal ‘flu and 2 cases of corona virus infections amongst the women’s cricket fraternity, Cricket Switzerland took the difficult decision to postpone the event to 2022 or until it will be safer to do.

Cricket Switzerland is pleased to announce that they will host a Women’s Indoor Cricket Competition at the large sports hall at Margeläcker, Wettingen, on Sunday 12th December.

Women from across the country will descend upon Wettingen once again for a series of indoor cricket matches that will take place throughout the day.


The following teams have been invited to take part in this 7-a-side tournament, 6 overs per innings, played with an soft indoor ball:

  • Berne Cricket Club
  • Lyceum Alpinum Cricket Club
  • Cossonay Cricket Club
  • Cricket Club Wettingen
  • Basel Supernovas Cricket Club


Women’s Winter Cup 2021 – Rules & Regulations