Introducing cricket – Kreuzlingen

Oct 30, 2021 | 2021

An introduction to cricket was the subject of a day at the Kantonsschule Kreuzlingen by Zurich Crickets’ Patrick and Nic on Thursday 7th October. In four hours, 45 students aged 18-19 years, their final year at school, were initiated into the sport.

Beginning with a short dialogue presentation with the students, some key cricket facts were communicated and a hands-on overview of playing equipment provided. The weight and hardness of a cricket ball caused some surprise as did some of the fundamental differences to baseball.

Kwik cricket match

Afterwards, warm-ups making use of various catching exercises and drills led on to the correct grip and use of the cricket bat. Tees aided the launch of the cover and lofted drive shots. Getting to grips with the extraordinary and weird bowling of balls might have caused some amusement but at the same time demonstrated perseverance and the willingness of these young men and ladies to learn. In order to ensure a more correct throwing technique for the matches that would follow, whistling rockets were introduced, while a competitive fielding-and-shying-at-the-stumps game then quickly brought out some healthy competitiveness in the mixed groups. That was supplemented by relay races of running ‘2’ between the stumps in smaller teams.

Finally, Kwik Cricket matches were played enabling all the players to bring together their array of new-found skills. At the end of the day these motivated and attentive students had clearly enjoyed their all too brief insight into the very different and special world of cricket.

Students aged 18-19 years intitiated in cricket (Kreuzlingen, 7.10.2021)