Support in Sport

Sep 9, 2021 | 2021

Integrity in sport through prevention, intervention, actions & sanctions

At the beginning of the year, under Swiss Olympic’s motto “integrity in sport” the Cricket Switzerland Annual General Meeting adopted the updated Swiss Olympic Ethics Charter.

The charter’s aim is to ensure integrity in Swiss sport, at all levels, and in all forms of sport, by prevention, intervention, actions & sanctions.

As a member of Swiss Olympic, Cricket Switzerland is obliged to abide by the Olympic values. To enforce these values and underline Cricket Switzerland’s commitment to them, three individuals were appointed by the executive immediately following the A.G.M. in a non-executive capacity to act as focal points for any suspected impropriety:

  • Alex Mackay was appointed ethics & values officer
  • Asvin Lakkaraju as data protection officer
  • and as an independent Paul Cawsey anti-corruption (whistleblower) & compliance officer

Reporting violations of the Ethics Charter in Swiss Sport and other abuses

In addition to Cricket Switzerland’s appointed individuals, at the beginning of the year, Swiss Olympic also set up an independent body for reporting violations of the Swiss Olympic Charter, where individuals or organisations can report violations of the Ethics Charter and other abuses, who then are responsible for investigating reported instances and to offer individual support & counselling.