Cricketer Pro

Jun 23, 2021 | 2021

New Cricket Shop in Luzern

We are happy to announce the opening of a New Cricket Shop in Luzern named Cricketer Pro.

The shop is being managed by Awneet Kumar, the President of Luzern Cricket Club. Awneet Kumar is a Masters of Integrative Design, FHNW Basel, where he learned to design solutions of existing problems. Finding his niche in cricket, he discovered that the cricket-lovers of Switzerland and Europe don’t have in hand experience of feeling and trying Cricket equipment before buying them. For example, a Cricket Bat’s pick up, balance and swing can be personal choice for different players. Keeping that in mind he along with his wife started a Cricket Shop in Luzern.

Cricketer Pro is the first and only authorized dealers of brands like SS, SG, MRF, DSC, CEAT, BDM, ZX, MOONWALKR, GRIPTEC (anti-perspirant cream, NZ) and LEVERAGE (Bowling Machine) in Switzerland. More brands are being added every now and then. The shop promises to have A to Z solution for Cricket Equipment in Central Europe. The website is coming soon and is due to be online in July.  The official inauguration of the showroom will also happen in July for which clubs will be informed.

If you have any current requirements of all range of MRF Bats, Gloves, Pads, Kitbags, Moonwalkr-Thigh Guards, Griptec or Cricket balls, do call Awneet Kumar on +41792553314 or via #WhatsApp). Rest of the brands will be there before inauguration. In collaboration with Cricket Switzerland – members of clubs affiliated to Cricket Switzerland receive an attractive 10% discount on their purchase. Cricketer Pro is also on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.