Women’s development update

May 31, 2021 | 2021

It has been three months since Mohamed Vasim took up the role of Cricket Switzerland’s Women’s Development Officer and, despite all the restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, much has been achieved in that time. Most importantly there is a momentum in women’s cricket that bodes well for the future.

Current numbers

From a handful of women & girls involved in cricket, Cricket Switzerland can already boast some 40 women & girls attending regular cricket practice & playing cricket:

  • CC Wettingen has established a women’s team and numbers are slowly increasing. Currently eight women attend the weekly coaching sessions ran by Charlotte Villiers-Smith & Chris Lodge at Margelacker in Wettingen, with three further women due to start in the coming weeks. And Wettingen also have three girl’s participating in their junior section.
  • Novartis has recently established a women’s section made up of 7 women and Chris Lodge has agreed to help with the training sessions to get them up and running, with the option to join up with CC Wettingen women once a month.
  • With the support of Mark Dobson, who coached England women back in 2007, the Lyceum Alpinum has 20+ girls between 11-17 years old playing regular cricket at the school and will join the Junior Zuoz tournament for the first time in 2021.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions being extended into May, some activities have had to be postponed or shelved altogether. However, from 1st June measures have been eased sufficiently to now press on with sporting activities involving up to 50 participants.

Following is a summary of current activities:

  • As mentioned above, the Lyceum Alpinum will join the Junior Zuoz tournament in 2021, forming two teams and the creation of a girls section for the first time.
  • On Saturday 7th August, Cricket Switzerland will sponsor the participation of Novartis & Wettingen ladies at the 2021 Village Cricketers Family Fun Day.
  • As part of Cricket Switzerland’s Women’s cricket initiative, two associations have tentatively agreed to host such an event for their members.
  • Distributed earlier this week, Cricket Switzerland has also announced a number of incentives for member clubs to establish women’s & girl’s teams and be part of the women’s development.

Forthcoming programmes

From now until the end of the summer Cricket Switzerland has planned further activities, constituting a full summer programme:

  • In September it is planned to bring women cricketers from across the country together to establish intra-club softball matches as part of a Swiss women’s cricket day, with the possibility of inviting teams from neighbouring countries.
  • There are also initiatives planned for June/July to reach out to local schools and universities to promote cricket amongst female students at those institutions and to involve cricket playing nation’s embassies and other ex-pat associations to do the same.

More information

These are exciting times for women’s cricket. There is a momentum building and we are confident this is the beginning of something very positive for cricket in this country.

For further details about and detail of Cricket Switzerland’s women’s development programme, or indeed about information generally, please contact Mr. Mohamed Vasim.