Season start delayed

Apr 21, 2021 | 2021

On behalf of the national executive, Asvin Lakkaraju, Cricket Switzerland’s Competition Chairman, as announced a delay to the start of the senior domestic cricket season.

In an email to all member club representatives, Asvin wrote, “With restrictions on sporting activities involving more than 15 people continuing, I regret to inform you all that all official Cricket Switzerland competitions (except junior tournaments) now stand delayed until the next round of easing of restrictions are announced.”

“We are expecting this to happen in the middle of May, however as you all are well aware that this is an evolving situation with a lot of unpredictability”.

“Tournament Formats: As of now we are not announcing any changes to any of the tournament formats. As and when the restrictions are eased, the season will commence at a week’s notice with already announced fixtures”.

“Suspended Fixtures: The plan is to reschedule the games that are currently suspended during the remaining season. The league committee will help the clubs with dates and venues wherever needed.”

“If however, the season is further delayed then we will have to explore the options of altering PT20 format. Plans have been drawn up and are ready to be put in place at short notice. We hope this will not be necessary”.

“Thank you all for your understanding and if you have any queries please feel free to contact me or any member of Cricket Switzerland executive”.