swissFOCUS Annual General Meeting

Mar 23, 2021 | 2021

Saturday 10th April 2021 at 11am

The Swiss Federation Of Cricket Umpires & Scorers will hold its Annual General Meeting online on Saturday 10th April 2021, beginning 11am.

Notification and details on how to join the meeting were distributed to all clubs, members of the 2020 umpiring panel and the Cricket Switzerland Executive. Details are also available from Alexander Mackay.

The draft agenda for the Annual General Meeting is as follows:                                                                

  1. Opening of Meeting
  2. Apologies of Absence & Adoption of Agenda
  3. Minutes of Last Meeting & Matters Arising
  4. Executive (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Allocations)
  5. Discharge of 2020 Executive
  6. Election of Officers 2021
  7. Membership Fees 2021
  8. Expenses 2021
  9. Training Courses: review 2020 and planning 2021
  10. Allocation of Officials 2021: League/PT20/CST10 & International appointments
  11. Spirit of Cricket Award
  12. AOB
  13. Close of Meeting

Points for inclusion on the agenda & apologies for absence can be sent to Alexander Mackay.

More information

More information about the Annual General Meeting or about the Swiss Federation Of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (swissFOCUS) is available from Alexander Mackay.