Catterfly Cup

Season 2022


Welcome to the Catterfly Cup, a new junior league. In 2022 it is being played at U15 age group only, but look out for future years. The competition is a 30 over league, designed to give the U15s experience of longer format cricket than the usual T20s. It is sponsored by the Junior Title Sponsor, Catterfly.

Each team plays 6 matches, 3 home and 3 away. The official match ball is a pink Newbery senior match ball.

The four teams in the tournament are:

  1. Basel Dragons
  2. Gingins
  3. Swiss Romande (Cossonay and GRYCC)
  4. Zurich Crickets

The matches in the league are played according to the Playing Conditions version 1.0.

Standings Table

Fixtures 2022